TriZetto Clinical CareAdvance®

  • medium-doctor-wheelchair-patient-jpg-362x246Automate and streamline Care Management with TriZetto Clinical CareAdvance.

    The TriZetto Clinical CareAdvance® application helps you achieve cost-savings in care management by automating processes and integrating data that once resided in disparate systems. The Clinical CareAdvance solution automates manual tasks and streamlines critical aspects of disease, case and utilization management so you can use your highly skilled care management staff more effectively and cost-efficiently.

    Using configurable business rules, Clinical CareAdvance helps you reduce cost and improve care management by providing personalized information and services and streamlining utilization management workflows. The solution also provides access to evidence-based clinical guidelines, improves data management, and extends the reach of high-touch case and disease management programs.

    Benefits of TriZetto Clinical CareAdvance

    The Clinical CareAdvance application provides tools that deliver significant benefits in disease management, case management solutions, and utilization management:

    Disease Management

    • Manage members who have chronic diseases more effectively by coordinating resources, automating manual processes and identifying and stratifying at-risk members for support across the care continuum.
    • Help members manage their own care more effectively by providing chronically ill patients with disease management information from Healthwise® Knowledgebase, the leading health information source.

    Case Management

    • Improve care quality by automating administrative and clinical workflows and helping nurses identify and manage acute and catastrophic illnesses.
    • Increase efficiency through configurable care planning, consent tracking, task and team management, progress tracking, communication creation, and ongoing monitoring.

    Utilization Management

    • Free up resources by automating the prospective, concurrent and retrospective utilization management processes.
    • Help ensure clinical consistency by using business rules to process all authorizations that enter the system.
    • Provide automated access to evidence-based guidelines at the point of care. Guidelines include care-pathway tables, flagged quality measures, integrated medical evidence, and other tools available through Milliman Care Guidelines®.

  • TriZetto Services

    Our world-class services include application hosting and management, business process services, and consulting. TriZetto’s application hosting and management are delivered via cloud technologies to give clients flexible and scalable business services. Our global team of experienced professionals possesses deep knowledge of both the healthcare industry and TriZetto solutions, helping clients solve their unique business challenges and achieve results more quickly.


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    Using TriZetto® Facets™ and CareAdvance Enterprise® solutions, a Member Dashboard is created and customer satisfaction goes way up.

    CareAdvance Enterprise Product Summary

    Taking integration, configurability and reporting to new levels of excellence.